Stress, Be Gone! How to Manage the Daily Stressors

By: Kimberly Gerber | Date: Feb , 19. 2019.

Do you ever get so overwhelmed in your personal or professional life that you feel like you’re just trying to stay afloat? When our minds are saturated with endless tasks, stress begins to kick in and we aren’t able to operate at our full potential. We start to work from the emotional parts of our brain instead of the logical, preventing us from making decisions that serve our best interests.

Simply put: too much stress negatively impacts your life and can prohibit success. Daily stressors will always exist, so the key is to learn how to eliminate the stress toxins that build up in the body. Below are some steps you can take to calm your nervous system whenever stress kicks into high gear.

1. Stop Thinking.
Even though you may be having a bad day or even a bad week, push the pause button for a second and reframe your thought patterns. Put things into perspective. Think about the many things you can be grateful for – starting with the positive people in your life. Focusing on those we love and what is good in our lives is a powerful way to control our body’s response to stress and keep things in check.

2. Breathe Deeply.
It might seem silly at first, yet oftentimes we forget to start with the basics and just BREATHE! This ancient practice instantly reduces stress and allows us to tap into our creative energy. And from our creative resources, we can find the solutions we need.

3. Let Go.
Make of list of the things that overwhelm you. Then, put a check next to the things you can control or influence. For the items that remain unchecked, take a minute to acknowledge that you cannot control them and let go of the idea of doing so.

Then, with the items you checked off as being in your control, start going through that list and strategize how to tackle those items.

1. Move It.
To help reduce the stress hormones in your system, it’s time to get moving! Stretch, walk, bounce; move however you need to to get the stress toxins out of your body.

2. Drink Water.
We all know that water fuels your body, but did you know that it can reduce your stress levels as well? Studies have shown that dehydration can lead to an increase in the stress hormone, cortisol. So just by sipping your water, you will see a decrease in your stress levels and feel the effects of reduced stress.

Work-related issues such as inter-office politics, constant deadlines, feeling overwhelmed, being stuck in dead-end roles are all frustrating and persistent problems that can exacerbate your stress levels and make life miserable. If you are dealing with work-related stress and you want to eliminate it – I can help. To find out more, schedule a free strategy call with me. Together, we’ll create a game plan on how to address your situation, relieve your stress and move forward with more success. Click here to sign up for a time slot.

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About the Author

Kimberly Gerber

Kimberly Gerber is the founder of Excelerate, an innovative leadership development firm specializing in coaching executives and their teams. For 30+ years, Kimberly has helped transform the impact of more than 1,600 leaders across industry-leading companies including Verizon, Allergan, Whirlpool, Revance, Blizzard, UCLA, Wescom and many others.

The creator of several innovative leadership development programs, Kimberly helps senior leaders create strategic vision, build strong cultures, elevate leadership presence, and finesse communication to strengthen their impact on teams and organizations. Committed to life-long learning, she completed undergrad and graduate studies in Communication, attained her Coaching Certification with Newfield Network, is an MBTI master practitioner and LACBA Certified Mediator.

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