Perspective Matters

“The most successful and satisfied leaders hold
equal their ability to produce results with the quality
of their impact on others.”
– Kimberly Gerber


Hiring an executive coach to transform your leaders or propel your career is an important decision. What makes a coach successful shouldn’t be a mystery.

All coaches bring a unique perspective and skills into their practice; here’s a look at my approach, my own leadership journey, personal perspectives and the proven practices that enable my clients’ executive success.

Everyone wants to be a senior leader – or so they think.


The corner office, the impressive title, the perks and the power – it all sounds so grand.

The truth is, executive leadership is hard. Life at the top comes with more responsibility, pressure, and visibility than people expect.

Recently, a new CEO told me, “This has been one of the most exciting and lonely months of my career.” That’s the truth for many leaders – especially those new to the C-suite.

Sadly, the pressure to perform and the organic isolation can get to leaders, resulting in negative ripples throughout an organization. Yet, when the ripple is positive, it can be transforming, inspiring and magnificent – and that’s why I do what I do.

7 Pillars of Success in Leadership & Life

Before I was an executive leadership coach, I spent 15 years as a corporate executive where I worked alongside many CEOs and C-suite executives. As an executive coach, I’ve worked with thousands of leaders in organizations of all sizes.

In observing many and varied leaders over the years, I’ve discovered seven practices that elevate any and everyone’s communication and leadership:

These pillars became the foundation of my first executive development program: Communication Mastery. For more than three decades, I’ve relied on these transformative themes to create a successful company and catalyze transformation in my clients lives and results.

1. Take Time to Lead.

Leaders who prioritize their time leading instead of doing, create the most sustainable performance and have fantastic promotability rates among their people.

2. Every Conversation Counts.

Time spent crafting communication appropriate to the audience is never wasted.

3. Start Like You Want It to Go:

A clear vision does more than generate enthusiasm. It aligns behavior, resources and action in one direction.

4. Use Candor with Kindness.

I call these the Bookends of Exceptional Leadership. Either one without the other damages interpersonal relationships. Working together, they create trust, loyalty, and powerful performance.

5. It’s Not About You.

The ability to shift perspectives is a rare trait. Yet, it’s absolutely essential to master this skill.

6. Brand Your Brilliance

When leaders understand their unique blend of core talents, that is, their brilliance, they pursue the right path in the right way. The resulting ease builds confidence and ripples positively throughout their lives.

7. Nothing to Prove

When we go through life as though we have something to prove to others, we reinforce our insecurities, self-sabotage, and limit our opportunities.


Leadership in Action – The Joy and the Results!

When leaders apply these principles, they experience a life filled with purpose and joy. During my time as a corporate executive, I applied them to my own behavior, built new habits, achieved incredible results, and went from stressed-out to strong. Yet the real fun came when I taught them to my teams: I watched firsthand as their relationships and results soared!

“Leaders that understand and take responsibility for their impact create the best environments for people to thrive.”

Kimberly Gerber

The Execelerate Difference

Training and coaching thousands of leaders have taught me a few things about the process of success. Here are four unique development practices that work!

We dependably and successfully use these practices to help our clients create incredible and sustainable results. Our own track record provides the point:

  • 1600
    Leaders Inspired and Enabled
  • 94
    Promotion Success
  • 98
    Rehire Rate
  • 21000
    Coaching Hours

Inspiring Organizational Success

Nothing brings me greater joy than to see leaders building healthy cultures and delivering financial results for their stakeholders. We start with (already) great leaders and guide their transformation into brilliant executives who can think strategically, communicate a clear vision, and meet their stakeholders with poise and presence.


It’s Time to Lead!

The world needs strong leaders more than ever before…and it’s increasingly difficult to groom leaders in traditional ways. If my approach resonates with you, and you want to achieve incredible success or have strong leaders who are ready for an accelerated development experience, let’s talk! I’d love to help you achieve the results you desire!