Optimize Your Leadership Potential

The right coach helps you develop the critical skills and mindset required to lead today’s most successful businesses. Kimberly Gerber is that coach.


As a former executive with a 25-year track record of success, Kimberly understands the holistic C-suite experience and what’s required to succeed. Executives learn actionable techniques and strategies necessary to deliver business results and build engaged, high-performing teams.

Executive Support 3 Ways:

Executive Coaching

Speech & Presence Coaching

Team Coaching

Executive Coaching

There’s no challenge quite like the C-suite. Executive leaders must strategize, communicate, delegate, and deliberate with a great deal of skill. The right executive coach will help you develop the mindset that allows you to recognize your talents, master critical skills and build capability within yourself, your team and your organization.

Speech & Presence Coaching

Strong communicators move others to action with their words, their passion, and their presence. They have an “x-factor” that demands attention. You too can master the techniques and the confidence to engage, inspire and influence audiences of any size.

Team Coaching

Synergistic executive teams are what power the results of today’s most successful companies. A senior management team aligned around common vision, goals and strategy create a cascade of empowerment throughout an organization. Synergistic teams create an engaging culture where everyone is inspired to meet goals and deliver the vision of the organization.


What it’s Like Working with Kimberly

Hear firsthand from clients about the transforming experience working with Kimberly.


This single experience has created the greatest personal growth of my career. It’s important to develop my success using the best resources that are out there. Clearly Kimberly Gerber is the best.

Gary Boriero VP Operations

Kimberly creates a very friendly atmosphere when she coaches. When she speaks to you, she really engages you and listens very well. Kimberly takes everything you give her and formulates the next best steps for you. I definitely would recommend everyone I know to work with Kimberly. She not only help you in business, but in your personal life as well.

Kurtiss Kusumoto Principal, MVE & Partners

I feel like I have been given a gift, and I want to make the most of it. Kimberly is incredible at what she does, and I am so glad I found her.

Amanda Pistor Communications Director, Ascend 

It was our honor to have a relevant and fantastic training from Kimberly Gerber on the topic of: Power, Persuasion & Presence for our conference. She was not only able to exude a dynamic stage presence while delivering a compelling, applicable and easy to understand message, Kimberly was able to do this while creating a true connection with the audience. If I had three thumbs, I would give her THREE THUMBS UP!!!

Shilo Losino President, National Association of Women in Construction Los Angeles Chapter