5 Reasons You Should Smile More

By: Kimberly Gerber | Date: Nov , 1. 2018.

Strangely enough, smiling can actually make you, the person smiling, happier – regardless of the predicament you might be in. The brain releases endorphins, which lowers stress and improves your overall mood… hence making the situation enjoyable.

Smiling has also been known to:

  • Build Relationships and Trust – Smiling can have a positive impact on how you interact with others. A sincere smile causes others to view you as more noble, and thus communicates a pure interest in the other person. Genuinely smiling can even create trust between you and a stranger. When trust needs to be established, a smile is a great way to start.
  • Create Greater Awareness and Mental Flexibility – Smiling may also increase your ability to see the the big picture beyond the problem at hand. Meaning, you’ll be more flexible. Try it – Smile when you’re trying to solve a problematic situation. You’ll be more open to new ideas and intuitions needed to find the best solution.
  • Be Contagious – For the same reason mentioned above, when you smile, most individuals feel inclined to smile back. Smiling can lift a bad mood, and when you smile, you’re promoting health and happiness. It’s because of this that smiling makes others’ feel better too.

Studies by scientists have found that smiling on purpose can actually help people feel better. The simple act of putting a smile on your face can lead you, or another person, to feel real happiness, joy, or glee. Smiling on purpose is also known to change brain chemistry, too.

It just makes sense to smile as much as possible. No extra time or money is required to perform this activity and the reward can be seen instantly.

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About the Author

Kimberly Gerber

Kimberly Gerber is the founder of Excelerate, an innovative leadership development firm specializing in coaching executives and their teams. For 30+ years, Kimberly has helped transform the impact of more than 1,600 leaders across industry-leading companies including Verizon, Allergan, Whirlpool, Revance, Blizzard, UCLA, Wescom and many others.

The creator of several innovative leadership development programs, Kimberly helps senior leaders create strategic vision, build strong cultures, elevate leadership presence, and finesse communication to strengthen their impact on teams and organizations. Committed to life-long learning, she completed undergrad and graduate studies in Communication, attained her Coaching Certification with Newfield Network, is an MBTI master practitioner and LACBA Certified Mediator.

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