Who We Are:

Excelerate is your business-success team.

It’s a fact: Outstanding communicators have a decided edge when it comes to earning respect, feeling rewarded by their careers and enjoying more satisfying lives overall. Excelerate communication courses are your resource to help make this happen.

For more than two decades, Excelerate communications expert and founder Kimberly Gerber’s strategic planning, coaching and training has made an extraordinary difference for organizations of all sizes, giving CEOs, executives, entrepreneurs, high-potential employees and millennials the power tools to become more effective communicators. Verizon Wireless, Allergan, Whirlpool and Acco Brands are among the many companies that have benefited from Excelerate’s services.

How We Work:

Excelerate communications courses come in a wide variety of programs, including interactive training workshops, executive coaching, mediations, group coaching and laser coaching to focus on specific issues. These programs provide training in conflict management, assertiveness, difficult dialogues, building trust and other communication essentials.

The Excelerate business consulting and coaching team can be brought in on a project basis or to provide a complete evaluation of your business environment. We’re skilled in the development of comprehensive strategies that will open and improve communication among executives, management and key personnel, and will set your business up for long-term success.

Excelerate is proud to offer Communication Mastery, an exclusive program where leaders, managers and high-performance employees come together to enhance their individual and collective communications skills. This comprehensive Excelerate program implements presentations, discussions and hands-on exercises provide a transformational learning experience. Complete with assessments, skills training, feedback and coaching, this intensive experience enables participants to understand the impact of their communications and change the way that they are perceived by others. Business leaders and employees at any stage in their careers and at every level of communication competency will benefit from the Excelerate Communication Mastery program.

“I want to thank you for the great progress made with the individuals involved currently in the program. Because of the strides we’re experiencing, I’d like to expand the program to include our four senior associates. Thanks, Rick E., CEO

“The Communication Mastery workshop set the basis to identify the areas that I needed to focus on. Your class has provided very effective guidance on how to address challenges, and even opportunities when working in cross functional team settings, and did this by active listening, by teaching the right tools and best practices, and by providing a comfortable and trusting environment. ” Melva B., Scientist