ALERT! Working Parents … You Just Got Promoted to TEACHER!

working parents

When I found out that my three elementary-age kids would be off for three weeks due to the COVID-19 outbreak, I took the notice in stride. After all, what’s three weeks? It’s a blink of time. 

But when I read the news that California schools were to be closed for the remainder of the school year…I flashed back to Supernanny and chaotic visions of overwhelmed parents sitting at a computer in the middle of the family room, trying desperately to get work done while kids were running around screaming, creating a mess and making endless requests for help and attention. Always a nightmarish scene leaving the parents exhausted, hopeless and at the end of their rope.  

Now that Supernanny situation could become true for many working parents…and I’m not ready!

Or am I? YES. As I sit here three weeks in, I realize that this is totally doable…and that there are a lot of silver linings to be found if we just look for them. I also realized that I’m far more prepared for this moment that I thought I was…and you might be too.

To help you through this dynamic time as a family, I’ve created a free resource, Scheduling for Success. It’s a comprehensive guide for working parents seeking to create routines that eliminate chaos, reduce stress and optimize productivity. You can download it here

Even though the homeschooling bit is new, I’ve worked from a home office for more than a decade and what these past three weeks have reminded me is that I’ve got this. Having a schedule and implementing these techniques has helped my husband and I create a (mostly) harmonious and productive environment for our family, and kids who are independent and generally willing to do their part. There’s no perfection here, yet I’m happy to share my best strategies to help you organize your household and get everyone operating as happily and productively as possible.  

Click here to download the free resource and feel free to share it with anyone who has kids and needs to get work done. Plus, when you download this resource, you’ll get access to our FREE resource center that includes a variety of resources designed to help leaders during this COVID-19 crisis. Here’s that link again: https://bit.ly/2xTLhl0 

I hope it helps. These next several weeks are going to test us all. In the process, we’ll be gaining skills, building character and becoming stronger and more resilient versions of ourselves…and so will our kids. I am wishing you the best and I’m here for you if you need help!