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"This single experience has created the greatest personal growth of my career. It's important to develop my success using the best resources that are out there. Clearly Kimberly Gerber is the best." - Gerri B. Smit, Cornerstone

"I feel like I have been given a gift, and I want to make the most of it. You are incredible at what you do, and I am so glad I found you." - Amada Pitor, Ascende


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Excelerate is a corporate training company for communication training and coaching, delivering the world’s most innovative communication strategies and coaching for leadership development. read more

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The Aligned Communicator

A powerful three-day live event and transformational experience where leaders, managers, and high-potentials are provided feedback, technique training and coaching to master communication and elevate your impact.  read more

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Success according to clients…

I LOVE my new brand!  I feel like I have come a long way from when I started.  Amazing the power of knowing how I want to serve others in a way that is aligned with my gifts.

Dr. Theresa AshbyDYNAM

I really enjoyed working for Kimberly at Excelerate. She is full of so much marketing experience that you learn something new everyday. She’s got such a creative mind and looks at the big picture when it comes to marketing brands and products for different clients. She does it with high energy and a great sense of humor. She’s not only a great “coach” for her clients, but for her employees as well.

Ben KizerSenior RFP Specialist at Structured Communication Systems

I feel like I have been given a gift, and I want to make the most of it.  You are incredible at what you do, and I am so glad I found you.

Amada PitorAscende

Kimberly is the ultimate Marketing Guru. She has coaches numerous people on how to make their businesses grow and stand out. I have worked with her in a National organization, been on boards with had her as a consultant. She is organized, has a clear vision of what’s needed and does what she says she will do. I couldn’t recommend her more.

Dee ElliotPresident of DEC Strategic Mentoring

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